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Community Wifi

Your customers will purchase prepaid internet either online or through a voucher, making revenue collection risk-free, fuss-free and transparent. People can use the data they purchase in any of your Kacific Community WiFi locations, so you enjoy all the benefits of owning a WiFi network without having to invest in expensive infrastructure, file costly spectrum licenses or reckon with customer churn. 

Your customers will enjoy wide coverage, flexible data purchasing, an easy pre-pay model and no long-term commitments. The result: eager customers drawn to a low-cost service offering most of the advantages of a WiFi network, without the risk and without the cost.

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boxed solution

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High-speed internet on-demand with powerful broadband satellite service

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Connects 5 users

Asset 21_2x.png

Reliable, on-demand connectivity

Asset 18_2x.png

Connects 5 users

Asset 20_2x.png

Reliable, on-demand connectivity

Asset 17_2x.png

Rapidly deployed and effortlessly scaled

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Up to 55 Mbps access speeds (up to 50 Mbps downlink + 5 Mbps uplink)

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